Why is the Project Management Masters Program a Good Fit for Your Career?

The Project Management Masters Program at SPOTO Learning was developed based on extensive industry research and is intended to help project managers upgrade their skills to international standards. With multiple courses covering all of the tools, techniques, and methodologies of Project Management, students graduate as project management experts with a solid understanding of all aspects of the discipline.

Multi-skilled Project Managers are in High Demand

In today’s fast-paced world, skilled Project managers in allied areas such as Lean and Six Sigma, Agile Scrum, analytics, and more are in high demand. Project managers with a broad, diverse skillset are preferred by industry recruiters over those with a narrow, highly specific skill set. You will also earn more money if you have multiple sills.

To meet this need, the Project Management Masters program was created.

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Job Opportunities for Certified Project Managers with Diverse Skills

PMP® certified professionals earn up to 23% more than their peers, earning between $98 and $112k per year.

Multi-skilled Project Management professionals with a Six Sigma, ITIL®, and PMP® background earn approximately 25% more, or around $118K per year.

PM professionals with experience in Six Sigma, Agile, and Scrum earn the most, starting at around $128K per year.

Professionals with these skills can earn up to $102k per year, and indeed.com reports that there are over 113,000 job openings in the United States alone.

Our research confirms the market’s demand and skill gap –

Tim Jerome discusses the reasons why the project management master’s program is the right choice for your career in this article.

According to Indeed.com data and analysis, a Senior Project Manager in the United States can earn up to $153,000*. The Project Management Institute (PMI)® 2015 Salary Survey confirms this, reporting an average annual salary of $143,000 across all levels of Project Management.

Project management jobs are available in the United States in excess of 374,000. Many of them require at least a PMP or PRINCE2 certification, and additional certifications will boost your value for many positions.

Over the last decade, the world of project management has evolved at a rapid pace. The Project Management Institute (PMI)® estimates that more than 41.5 million project management jobs will be available by 2020, with the domain itself expected to grow by $6.6 trillion.

It is recommended that you learn ITIL, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Agile to become a Project Management Expert. These will enable you to successfully complete projects within your organization, and they are the key skills that organizations look for when recruiting ideal candidates for top positions. These skills you gain will help you in your current position and will follow you when you move on to your next.

After completing this program, you will be awarded a Master’s certificate from SPOTO Learning, indicating that you have acquired the industry’s most sought-after set of skills and validating your ability to lead as an effective project manager.

SPOTO Learning’s Project Management Masters Program Has Many Advantages

You will receive the following benefits from SPOTO Learning’s Project Management Master’s program:

Unlimited access to the E-learning content for one year

Unlimited access to live, online classes taught by industry experts for one year. Hands-on project experience on live projects is required.

Premium Assistance from an Expert

When you have completed all of the requirements of the learning path, you will be awarded a completion certificate.

You will be eligible to receive the Master’s Program certificate, which will validate your skills as a Project Management Expert if you meet the following minimum requirements.

The duration of the Project Management Masters Program is two years.

Each course includes 32 hours of instructor-led instruction. The sessions for each course would be spread out over 4-6 weeks to allow for effective learning, interaction with the trainer, and an efficient grasp of subject knowledge.

Instructor-led training for PRINCE2®, ITIL®, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Agile Scrum Master is included in the Project Management Master’s program. It would ideally consist of more than 128 hours of instructor-led training.

Learners in this training program have the freedom to attend as many classes as they want to perfect their skills. Each course includes more than 30 hours of online classroom content.

Mentoring Sessions for the Project Management Masters Program

Exclusive mentoring sessions with industry experts are also included in the Project Management Masters course. These sessions assist learners in gaining a deeper understanding of the course and in submitting a project.

Learners can also use these sessions to interact with the trainer and learn more about the project’s scope and goal.

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